• Download Asobo app from App-Store or Google Play-Store
    • Click on ‘Update’ if you want to update the app
    1. Click on Register and then type your email address
    2. In your email you should receive a One-Time-Password code number (OTP Code)
    3. Please use this OTP code to create your profile
    4. Please proceed to login once your profile is created
    1. Start Quiz
    2. Pause Quiz
    3. Resume Quiz

Click on Ranking button to check your ranking

    • You can see notifications about new/expiring quizzes if you click on the Bell in the app
    • You will be notified about new/expiring quizzes via email as well
    • You will receive notification emails about updates to the app
    1. Privacy-Policy
    2. Your quiz performance is visible only to you
    3. Your ranking is visible to everyone on the ranking page