What’s this term ‘Asobo’?

Kids in Japan say to other kids- ISSHO NI ASOBO
which simply¬† means – ‘Let’s play’

Cool, now what is this Asobo app?

Asobo app is a platform for training and learning through customized quizzes developed by trainers and subject matter expert content creators. The focus lies on personalization aspect of learning by gamifying the learning process through interactive quizzes and high-quality questions.

The app provides numerous features that combine customization, ease of access and users-friendliness for both students and trainers/content creators at the same time.

What adds fun to the experience is a quick feedback after each question and after each quiz. Besides, you can pause quizzes and learn at your own pace.

So, the next time you want to challenge your buddies why not learn a new idea and break your old record.

Learn on the Go!

Asobo is your favorite quiz companion, so sign-in and check-out all the latest action!


Guess what, you can pause and resume your quizzes, so hey, if you wanna take a break or go for a walk, that’s fine. You can come back later and start from where you left!


Asobo offers evolving E-Learning capabilities, across the board, backed up by advanced Cloud Ecosystem.


  • Sales Enablement Programs
  • Certification
  • Sales Team & Performance
  • Compliance
  • Products & Services Training
  • Social On-boarding
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Assessment Training
  • Event Tracking
  • Big Data Collection & Analytics

Seamless Integration


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